There are a number of resources and and opportunities available to help you prepare to teach in Fall 2020, including

  • LATIS’ Online Teaching Program, a self-paced online course offered through CLA departments
  • a variety of workshops offered by LATIS, ATSS and CEI
  • facilitated sessions for departments and groups
  • office hours

To learn more see LATIS Support for faculty and instructors 

This site complements our other forms of support. Short posts provide ideas and directions to pursue, and often include further reading if you want to explore further.

This site is under construction and new content will be added frequently. You can visit our home page from time to time to see what’s new, or subscribe to a weekly newsletter that will include two or three new posts.

New Content

We will continue to post new content on how to adapt to teaching remotely and online. Visit this website, or subscribe to our biweekly mailing.